Care and support for mental health

To create a world where hurting and distressed individuals, families & communities are healed, restored & empowered.

...Creating stories of change & resilience.

Who We Are

Charis Healthcare and Community Support Initiative (CHARIS) is a faith based non-governmental organization that is responding to the mental health needs of individuals, families & communities in distress.

What We Do

Prevention Interventions

We strengthen distressed families through parenting skills training and life-skill education for children to reduce/avoid early exposure to mental health risk factors, thus promoting the safe and healthy development of children.

Community-based Interventions

We place care at the doorsteps of vulnerable communities through outreaches and safe space program. We create designated locations for community members experiencing psychological distresses to find support, build resilience and coping mechanisms.

Care & Support Interventions

We provide care and support through treatment, recovery programs, support groups, trauma healing, spiritual care, rehabilitation, legal support and reintegration for distressed individuals, families and communities.

Sensitization Interventions

We raise awareness and increase knowledge on mental health issues among the general public and key influencers; thus reducing stigma and impacting policy and service uptake.


We build capacity of more people to respond to mental health and related issues with compassion, and evidence-based strategies such as psychosocial support.


We provide mental health investigations particularly in Africa which remains relatively unexplored. Findings contribute to knowledge products, data and evidence-based interventions.

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