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drop-in Centre

A non-judgemental and safe place where hurting and distressed individuals are supported to tell their stories, experience healing and restoration across health domains.

What we offer

Psychosocial Support

We offer Psychosocial support on a range of mental health challenges such as anxiety and depression, trauma support and care, Substance Use Disorder (SUD) management, and comorbid illnesses.

We provide counselling for individuals, families, groups, as well as other psychosocial interventions.

We are available for Bath & Meal services for clients who live on the streets.

Life Skills Development

Our life skills development is preventive education for children and young people who need to develop the necessary soft skills to make healthy choices throughout life.

This provides children with the tools to think for themselves.

We deploy programs such as teaching, coaching, games, and sports to teach life skills in fun and interactive ways.

Young people develop coping competencies which molds them into healthy and resilient adults.

Our CHESS for LIFE program uses the game of chess to teach skills such as problem-solving, decision-making skills, normative beliefs, sobriety from substance use, purity and chastity, friendship formations, mentorship & discipleship

Sports & Games

We use sports & games for fun, innovative education and treatment.

These sessions equip clients with life skills such as team spirit, sacrifice, dedication, loyalty, problem solving, personal growth, recreation, and relaxation.

This further support and promote the dignity of clients in recovery.


Psychoeducation equips clients with the knowledge and skills for in-depth understanding of their life issues.

This stimulates insight, enhances motivation, promotes self efficacy, and better place clients on the path of healing and restoration.

Psychoeducation leads to treatment adherence, improved self-efficacy, social competencies, as well as better treatment outcomes.

Sharpening Your Interpersonal & Psychosocial Skills (SYIPS)

We sharpen skills such as stress management, assertive training, motivational training, anger management, communication, interpersonal relationship skills, conflict resolution, coping and resilience.


We provide assessment, diagnosis and treatment. With prescription and review by the psychiatrist.


No. 11 Wase Close, Tudun Wada, Jos, Plateau State


Monday – Friday – 8:00 am – 4:00 pm

Support and Recovery Groups: Saturdays: 9am-10am


+234 906 000 2099

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