CHARIS is responding to mental health distress of individuals, families and communities through: The Drop in Centre (DIC) & Community Based Interventions (CBI).

At CHARIS you can find:


  • Assessment
  • Prescription and review by the Psychiatrist
  • Psycho-education
  • General Counselling.

Interventions On Drugs & Related Issues

  • Drug Counselling
  • Support for drug users and significant others
  • Treatment for substance use disorder (SUD)
  • Sensitization on drug related issues
  • Trainings on drug treatment & care
  • Drug prevention programs for children, parents & significant others.

Life Skills Training

  • Prevention education for children
  • Parenting skills
  • Sharpening Psychosocial & Interpersonal Skills (SPIS)
  • Chess for life program.

Trauma Care

  • Healing from trauma through:
    • Healing sessions
    • Equipping sessions
    • Community events
    • Psychosocial response.

Community-Based Interventions

care placed at the door-steps of vulnerable communities through:

  • Outreaches to the mentally ill & their significant others.
  • Outreaches to drug users & significant others.
  • Mental health promotion
  • Community events
  • Safe Space

Safe Space Programs

Designated locations where community members experiencing psychological distresses find support, build resilience and coping mechanisms. 

• Assessment
• Psychological first aid
• Psychoeducation
• Counselling
• Support groups
• Referral

Spiritual Care

  • Teaching and prayers to promote healthy spiritual formation and growth of our clients
  • Strengthening faith & belief in God
  • Dispelling myths, erroneous beliefs and practices that stand in the way of healing and recovery.

Recovery/Support Group

  • Mutual help and support groups based on the 12 steps to recovery programs (AA, NA, CR) where members receive support, fellowship and the motivation to maintain their recovery.
  • We run these groups for: Recovering drug users and their significant others.


  • Connecting and integrating recovering clients into meaningful social structures.


  • Visits to policy makers and key influencers within the community aims to drive policy change & support for our target population.


  • Mental health promotion
  • Increased awareness & knowledge of mental health issues among the general public & key influencers


• General Mental Health & Wellness Training
• UNODC trainings on Drugs & related issues
• CHESS for life training.


• General Mental Health Research
• Drug and Drug Related Research.


  • Referral pathways and linkages.
  • Connecting people with services

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