Charis Healthcare and Community Support Initiative (CHARIS) is a faith based non-governmental organization that provides free mental health services for distressed individuals, families, and communities.

our vision

To see a world where hurting & distressed individuals, families and communities are holistically cared for, and empowered to achieve immediate and lasting change in their lives.





our mission

We provide a repertoire of holistic care and compassionate mental health services for individuals, families & communities in distress to enable them realize their God-given potential thus, become agents of change, healing and empowerment in a broken, wounded and hurting world.

This we do through: Prevention Education, Care and Support: Clinical care, Counselling, Training, Research, Media program, knowledge products, and Community-based interventions: Outreaches, Safe space program, Legal support, Sensitization, and Advocacy.

The Problem

A gap in the knowledge and understanding of mental health issues in Nigeria has led to a society where there is a high level stigma associated with mental health. 

We have seen a synonymous gap in provision of supportive and strategic intervention necessary for healing, restoration, and recovery. 

The collapse of community support systems necessary for safe and healthy development of children and young people.

 The lack of attention paid to individual attributes, socioeconomic circumstances, environmental factors, and spiritual determinants that are likely to work for or against an individual’s mental health. 

We see individuals, families and communities plagued by psychological distresses; ineffective coping mechanisms necessary to deter long term negative effects.

our solution

We provide a repertoire of compassionate and holistic mental health services for individuals, families, and communities in distress to enable them realized their God given potential thus become agents of change, healing, and empowerment. 

We do this through prevention education, sensitization, clinical care, counselling, spiritual care, recovery programs, lifestyle coaching, training, research, media programs, knowledge products, community-based interventions, legal support, outreaches and safe space programs and advocacy.